Kambo | Frog Venom | Sapo

Kambo | Frog Venom | Sapo

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Phyllomedusa bicolor

The Kambo sticks have a thick layer of venom on one side. This should be enough for at least 100 dots. Burnsticks are included.
Our distributor travel to the Ticuna tribe in the deep amazon of Peru to buy the Kambo sticks them selves. We are grateful being allowed to bring this traditional remedy to the world. Because there are no middlemen involved we know for sure that we have fresh stock and we guarantee ethically harvesting.

Each stick has the Excretions of 3 to 5 large frogs. The sticks are 14 cm long and 2 cm wide. Two application sticks are added

Common namens; Sapo Toad, Vacina do Sapo (toad vaccine), Bufo, Leite do Sapo (toad milk), Kambô, or Kampú, Secretions of the Phyllomedusa bicolor tree frog, blue and yellow frog, Giant Monkey frog, Giant Leaf frog. Waxy-Monkey tree frog

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